Event Neuchatel


LENR (Low Energy Nanoscale Recations) is a way for producing abundant, cheap and clean Energy, a major opportunity to innovate and growth in your industry.

During the Event, attendees got a summary of the progress of LENR technologies and prospects regarding their applications, our practical approach of projects with 2 examples and the application of our development strategy in Neuchatel and to regional industry.

Participate to dream up innovative LENR solutions in your industry and to develop them with the LENRG ecosystem. Be at the start of the future leading-edge machines needed to manufacture LENR products and participate to the new economic model and processes of industrialisation with LENR-Cities.

Local TV

Des Neuchâtelois, capitale de la technologie LENR ? - Canal Alpha
Des Neuchâtelois aimeraient faire de Neuchâtel un nouveau centre mondial de la technologie LENR, pour "réaction nucléaire à basse énergie".

The Event Trailer