LENR-Cities builds a Platform suited to the fast adoption of disruptive techologies.

Its innovative business model is an application of the sharing ecconomy model to market development.

LENR-Cities implements it's operating model with all partners which have mutual self-interests to participate in such development.

What is a Platform?

A platform offers enterprises to develop their own business.

For example, Google allows enterprises to reach customers to increase sales. Google provides mediation on advertising. Amazon allows enterprises to sell their products. Amazon provides mediation on delivery.

These companies are not just brokers. Without them, these markets would not exist. This accounts for much of their stock market value.

LENR-Cities focus is on markets resulting from the adoption of disruptive technologies.

What is the LENR-Cities platform?

This platform offers enterprises a way to create value for their assets in disruptive markets. LENR-Cities provides intermediation on market development.

Customers are all enterprises, innovators and established companies. The goal is to foster rapid adoption by disrupting existing processes to develop disrupting technologies.


There are many obstacles in developing disruptive technologies, including scientific obstacles. For example when new theory is required for instance in industrial cases, as technology must be stable enough to allow large investments for engineering and manufacturing, and secondly in financial cases, as when a return on investment requires market evidence as regards application of these technologies.

LENR-Cities is developing new processes to address these issues. Processes include how to fund science, obtain funding, share Intellectual property, reduce risks, create and share revenues and new market level processes. The whole defines a new business, with LENR-Cities innovative offerings to actors willing to develop disruptive activities and businesses.

Each process is an application of the Sharing Economy model.

LENR-Cities value proposal is to reduce investment risks and increase value for all players. LENR-Cities supports the investment risk to make this new market. Without LENR-Cities, this new market would not exist.

Business architecture is an Ecosystem, an environment where enterprises have mutual self-interests. The development of ecosystems is not centered on the business of any enterprise such as Cisco, Intel or Microsoft for instance, but on the LENR-Cities offering, which is to develop a new market for all participating enterprises.

The LENR-Cities business model applies to disruptive technologies with high market disruption potential. LENR-Cities go-to-market is about LENR, a new energy and the corresponding ecosystem is LENRG.

‘Sharing Economy’ to market development and innovation

LENR-Cities SA is a pure player in ecosystem development, an innovative business. LENR-Cities was founded to apply the ‘Sharing Economy’ to market development and innovation. This expertise is applied to LENRG, the ecosystem and its platform. LENR-Cities benefits from ‘The Business Factory’ outcomes, now in its fifteenth year.

By design, an ecosystem enables monetizing outcomes which result from the orchestration of the mutual self-interests of partners. In addition, it integrates any single partner’s offer as part of a market offering, therefore expanding its value.

Value creation in LENRG ecosystem tends to be networked and mutual, and the orchestrator, LENR-Cities, gets a share of the ecosystem’s added value.

From the LENR-Cities’ business point of view, LENRG is a ‘product’ suited to address the needs and expectations of partners.

LENR-Cities is developing tools to implement the ecosystem, including ecosystem models, portfolios, ecosystem contracts, ecosystem routes to market, Open IP, ecosystem R&D bartering, ecosystem industry crowd funding and programs for industrialists. This is the expertise of the team at LENR-Cities.

All tools and products are in alpha version except ecosystem models and Open IP in beta (continuous innovation). Implementation itself is done by LENRG including LENR-Cities.

In the future, tools will include advanced manufacturing products developed by the LENR cluster in Neuchâtel.

Ecosystem development expertise will be shared with strategic ecosystem partners in order to develop their business and/or to market LENRG offerings in their countries and sectors.

Key players in LENR

The initial disruptive technology on which LENR-Cities is focused is LENR (Low Energy Nanoscale Reactions). The global project is implemented with the “LENRG” ecosystem, which includes industrialists and investors with mutual self-interest in supporting strategic scientific projects in energy production and energy use.

The plan is scalable and the goal of every partner is to be a key player in the emerging LENR industry. LENR-Cities itself is a player in ecosystem development, in other words, supporting the development of new economies for disruptive technologies.

The industrialization of LENR will result in exciting and novel technologies, such as fully distributed energy production solutions, new vehicular power units for electric cars and planes, transmutation of elements to develop nuclear waste remediation technologies and produce rare resources, as well as many others, thanks to a compact, high quality source of energy.

Our long-term vision is that LENR will become the foundation of a new industry: matter engineering, which will produce clean, cheap and abundant energy and also regenerate basic resources required by human societies.




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