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    A powerful and simpler new path in order to engage transformation with disruptive technologies, first in Energy and beyond, with lower business risks, more added value as well as a new durability horizon.

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    An effective path that combines growh and sustainability
    Autonomy and energetic independence.
    Headquarters in Neuchâtel / Switzerland

The foundations for a new clean energy industry

With any rapidly evolving new field or technology, many actors may have partial solutions with immense potential but no established way to monetize those solutions for themselves or others. LENR-Cities was founded to develop new markets for disruptive technologies by applying the “sharing economy” model.

Our goal is to open a market for each actor in a new field.

To do this, LENR-Cities implements an operating model in which each partner has self-interest to participate in global development. LENR-Cities designs value proposals to create mutual self-interest between partners in order to reduce the risk for each partner and create an environment to monetize the value for all actors. This environment can be thought of as a sort of proto-market involving innovators and early adopters. For the moment, LENR-Cities is a pure player in ecosystem development to implement integrated innovation and business ecosystems. However, one of our key second-stage goals is to develop a powerful global marketplace for disruptive new technologies.

The disruptive technology that we are focused on is LENR (Low Energy Nanoscale Reactions). This is addressed in the “LENRG” ecosystem, which includes industrialists and investors with mutual self-interest to support strategic scientific projects in energy production and energy use. A growing body of evidence shows that LENR technology has huge potential to impact our partners’ business.

LENRG is an ecosystem developing LENR Technology and solutions.

LENR-Cities is the architect and managing company of the LENRG ecosystem. Our partners include scientists, industrialists and investors but also lawyers, marketers and IT companies; all of them have self-interest in developing their own business and benefiting from the superior competitive advantages provided by LENRG.

The plan is scalable and the goal of every partner is to be a key player in the emerging LENR industry. As for LENR-Cities itself, we will remain a player in ecosystem development, in other words, supporting the development of new economies for disruptive technologies.

The industrialization of LENR will result in exciting and novel technologies, such as fully distributed energy production solutions, new vehicular power units for electric cars and planes, transmutation of elements, and related technologies to manage nuclear waste and produce rare resources.

Our long-term vision is that LENR will become the foundation of a new industry: matter engineering, which will produce clean, cheap abundant energy and also regenerate basic resources required by human societies.


Built with passion & experience, visit www.LENRG.org

Discover why partners are scientists, industrialists and investors but also lawyers, marketers and IT companies have self-interest in developing their own business and get superior competitive advantages with LENRG.
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