LENR story
LENR story started 33 years ago when Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons did a basic experiment in a test tube exhibiting unexplainable properties except by considering atomic scale effects, and since that event, dozens of physicists from academic institutes and private research centers have observed many effects which demonstrate there is a new field to explore with astonishing applications:
  • Nuclear transmutation (transforming nuclear waste),
  • production of materials (including rare earth materials),
  • and a new energy source.
LENR has been shown to be far stronger than any known chemical reaction and a has alot more power density than today’s combustion energy processes. LENR can continually create large amounts of excess heat inside a small sized reactor for several months using small amounts of low cost materials without rejecting CO2 or radioactive waste.

The LENR replications have been increasing in their sustained power gain since the first experimental results using Palladium and Deuterium. Actually, newer LENR systems are based on Nickel and Hydrogen gas in order to get higher power gains, using highly available materials at low cost. The characteristics and geometry of materials must be mastered at nanometric scale to obtain best COP (Coefficient Of Performance).

Introductory overview of LENR: Present and Future
LENR’s happen! This is well-established.

No need to overcome the Coulomb barrier - plenty of ways to get:
. a few MeV : electroweak (make neutrons)
. ~20 MeV: electrostrong (shatter nuclei)

The two processes (EW & ES) can take you up or down the whole periodic table and are NOT “cold fusion” (AW,YS,JS)
Fusion now looks not so strange (10s of keV will do) - fractures?

Subject just starting...stay tuned!

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LENR coming of Age

LENR is multidisciplinary :
  • Need theoretical & experimental teams that cover expertise not only in the standard model of fundamental interactions but also in nanoscale “smart” material science, superconductivity and fast lasers.
  • to assemble a balanced team with overlapping expertise interconnected by mutual self-interest
Plethora of outputs of interest for industry from LENR.

Strategy for an interactive Scientific & Industrial Ecosystem Platform.

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Subject of controversy
LENR is obtaining nuclear reactions in a test tube at low temperatures.

Wow! You can guess that this is a subject of controversy all the more that fluctuations in experimental conditions limit replication of experiments. Reason is the characteristics and geometry of materials must be mastered at nanometric scale.

Second reason which feeds controversy is the transformational impact of LENR. An abundant, clean and cheap energy with a fully decentralized production will change the world and will destroy many sectors of the economy.

Moreover LENR will trigger innovation in many sectors. Many actors have their business at risk with LENR.
Innovation is a market-centric process where some actors have mutual self-interest to engage in a joint transformation and where Invention catalyzes mutual self interest. Enabling organization goal is to produce mutual self-interest in order to enable LENR development and industrialization activities.


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Common theoretical base and next steps
During the LENR-Cities Event at Milan, LENRG have presented to work on the LENR theory in order to unleash massive investment in industries. The Chief Scientist of Airbus Group explained too during this Event that there was a need of a theory, even if limited, so that engineers know the parameters to optimize and improve continuously LENR systems.

The Widom-Larsen theory is the most currently accepted theory. See here Alan Widom during LENR-Cities Event at Oxford

During LENR-Cities Event at Oxford, a comprehensive theorical picture of coherent phenomena in matter was introduced.

It is explained that the existence of coherent configurations in matter implies the emergence of coherent scattering. The generally accepted theory of condensed matter misses the contribution of the coherent states, that in particular circumstances cannot be neglected and the Consideration of the existence of such states provides a potentially rich and powerful theroretical tool.

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